Program Details

The Jester Games FREE DiaboloFest program instructs up to ~150 students per period in the diabolo for the full day, during regular PE periods, free of charge. If your school requires 2 days for us to see all students, due to a larger student body or a block schedule, we are happy to accommodate you.

We provide all equipment necessary, including a sound system and diabolos for the students to use.  All we require from the school is a table and a chair. We prefer to set up in your gym, but we can be on the blacktop or field, as long as we have a nearby power source for our sound system. We also ask that all teachers with students participating are present during the DiaboloFest to assist with behavior issues.

The program is designed to fit within a regular 50 minute PE period, through Grade 8. Each period starts out with a brief intro and basic diabolo instruction, while the students are seated. The students then team up with their own diabolos and spend the bulk of the period practicing basic moves and even tricks. We have music playing, and the instructor is available for one-on-one instruction. After ~20 minutes, the students are reseated and the instructor performs an exciting demonstration.

For Grades 3-5 that do not have regular PE periods, we schedule one or more assemblies of 45-50 minutes in length, to instruct up to 150 students at a time. Grades K-2 do not receive hands-on instruction, but are welcome to join in the fun by watching the exciting demonstration of tricks at the end of one of the periods. 

We provide a flyer for interested students to take home after the program. The only expense for your school is to make black and white copies of the flyer.