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Experience the magic of the Diabolo.

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The Diabolo


The diabolo is one of the oldest skill toys on earth, originating from China over 2000 years ago! It consists of two half-sphere rubber cups connected by a steel axle, which is spun and balanced on a string connected between two sticks.  It is possible to do complex juggling, aerial and contact tricks with the diabolo.  Playing with the Diabolo has many benefits:

  • Outdoor activity
  • Eye/hand coordination
  • Balance
  • Reflexes
  • Flexibility
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Physics
  • Performing arts

We bring the Diabolo masters to your school for a FREE P.E. assembly: the DiaboloFest! This is a full day interactive program where students learn how to use the Diabolo.

The DiaboloFest

An ALL-DAY, Interactive P.E. Assembly


Welcome to a day of fun, creative play and learning, with this hands-on P.E. assembly for elementary and middle school students (grades 3rd-8th). 

The DiaboloFest program is an exciting way to provide skill building qualities for athletic, non-athletic, male and female students alike! 

The diabolo, a 2000 year old Chinese juggling apparatus and alternative sport, strengthens abilities in other sports, builds eye/hand coordination, (which is part of the 6th grade curriculum) and self confidence in each high energy packed period!

Click here to learn more about our program in detail!

Every physical education program must experience the DiaboloFest!

-Stacey D, PE Teacher, East Whittier MS


Meet the Jesters!

A few words from the "Head Jester,"
Christian Ruiz de Loreto:

My love affaire with the diabolo began when a friend showed me one in France around 1990. 

When I first played, nobody explained how to do it, and of course, I had no book!  With the help of some friends, we figured it out. 

Progress was slow, but the fun and addiction was there.  Soon, we were a little group playing near the lake, at the park, in town, concerts, at home, in short...everywhere!

Not long after that, four of us decided to go sell some diabolos in the south of France, during the summer.  It was a great experience.  We were doing shows and sold a lot on the beach, mostly in little towns.  During that time, we taught thousands of people how to play.  I learned a lot about what made a good diabolo.

After the summer, I traveled around the world with a backpack and of course the diabolos, which allowed me to meet great people and stop at the Club Med resorts in Bali and Guadeloupe for shows and a grand tour in the Carribean night clubs!

What I discovered in my travels was that even though the diabolo was ancient, it was virtually unknown in many parts of the world.  I also found that the diabolo never failed to intrigue and enchant almost everyone of any age.  After the first fear of looking ridiculous tryng it, people then realized that it is in fact, easy to learn, and great fun to become more and more skilled.  The question that people always seemed to ask was, "Where can I get one?"

After hearing that enough times, I decided that one of the best places in the world to sell the diabolo would be in Venice Beach, California.  So I came here in 1993 and designed my own diabolo with the best size, weight and material possible.  I was also able to make it available for a price that almost anyone can afford.  At first, it didn't come out perfectly, but after almost two years of work and testing, it finally did.  The Jester Games Diabolo was born; the only diabolo manufactured in the U.S.A.!!!

Venice Beach turned out to not be the best place to sell the diabolo after all, but during that time, I did meet my wife and we've been married over 23 years now.  Still determined to start diabolo mania here in the states like it is in Europe, I needed to find a way to make the diabolo known to many more people.

Around this time, I met a cool guy named Scott Cleere of Creative Athletics.  It turned out that he was a footbag champion who developed a business doing school tours with other cool games from around the world, like the diabolo.  Scott began purchasing our diabolos for his assemblies.  I eventually helped out performing many of his assemblies teaching the diabolo portion.  It didn't take us long to realize that the diabolo was turning out to be the favorite with students.  

The DiaboloFest was born!

We put great passion and quality into the DiaboloFest!   Our assembly is available for a reasonable fee, or have it free of charge with no strings attached plus earn equipment for your PE Department. Find out why schools that choose our program request it again year after year.  See for yourself why the DiaboloFest is such a special program.  You've got nothing to lose, but plenty for your students to gain!

À bientôt!

Christian Ruiz de Loreto


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