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Jacob H.

Miller MS,                San Jose, CA

As long as I'm here, we'll have a DiaboloFest every year!

Aaron A.

Tuffree MS,                         Placentia, CA

This is our 3rd year having the DF at Tuffree MS.  Our kids really enjoy themselves and each year it's gotten better & better.  At some point we'd like to get these at all the schools!

Kim M.

Pinkerton MS,                            Elk Grove, CA

If we hadn’t just experienced it, we would have never believed it. All 120 students each period working together to master the Diabolo. There was so much enthusiasm, focus and determination in the room as the students attempted to master the many tricks demonstrated by our Diabolo expert, Alex. The Diabolo provided an opportunity for all students, athletic and non-athletic, to have fun while enhancing their eye hand coordination skills. I highly recommend this free, no hassle presentation to schools that are looking to add new and innovative ideas to their program.

Gina M.

Carmenita MS, Cerritos, CA

I just wanted to say how much fun my kids and I had today!  Christopher was so amazing!  The students were in total awe of him and his skill levels.  The feedback from the kids has been fantastic.  They are all excited about the Diabolos and were lining up at lunch and after school to buy them.  We have just started doing State testing so this will be a great activity to stimulate the brain as well as the body!  I want to have you guys come out again next year at this time, but I only want to book Christopher since I know he has to be the best teacher you have!  Thanks for the opportunity!

Jasmine S.

Carmel Valley MS, San Diego, CA

The fest was great and Dave did a fantastic job getting the kids interested in the Diabolo :)  He related well with the kids and kept them engaged the entire time.  It's amazing to see the kids glued to the demonstration and then come down out of the bleachers to actually get involved.  I could hardly believe how many kids actually wanted to try it...more than 95% of the kids came running down to get a diabolo to try it out themselves :) Thanks so much for a great day!!

Stuart S.

Lawrence MS,                Chatsworth, CA

At Lawrence Middle School, any initial skepticism was quickly voided when Christian immediately caught the students' interests in DiaboloFest! They were intrigued by the concept, amazed by his tricks, and challenged by this newfound set of hand-eye coordination skills. Many went from utter frustration to gratifying success in a matter of minutes, and soon were seen around school with their own Diabolos which they HAD TO HAVE! We are happy to welcome the DiaboloFest back again for a FUN, FREE, and EXCITING DAY!!!

Sharon B.

Holmes International MS,                  Northridge, CA

We here at Holmes International Middle School in Northridge just love Christian and his Diabolofest!  Christian has been coming to our school for several years now and every year we are truly amazed with his performance skills and his patience with sharing his expertise with others.  Our students rush to buy their own diabolos and it is heartwarming to see them outside on the physical education yard at nutrition and lunch practicing their own skills.  Thank you so much Christian for coming to our school every year and sharing your passion for a unique movement activity :-)

Stacey D.

East Whittier MS,                  Whittier, CA

Every physical education program must experience the DiaboloFest! It is an amazing program that every student is sure to love. I am a middle school physical education teacher and will definitely ask the DiaboloFest to come to my school every year! Christian, the instructor, works very well with the students and his company was very organized and efficient. All of my students wanted a diabolo of their own once the demonstration was finished. Our department was able to sell over 150 diabolos to students which earned us 18 diabolos of our own. Now I can teach my own diabolo lessons and use them as a alternative activity. I would highly recommend that all physical education teachers use this unique and exciting program!

Brent A.

Blalack MS,       Carrollton, TX

The DiaboloFest was a huge success at our school.  The kids were truly excited to learn something new.  The diabolo grabbed their attention so much so that they wouldn't stop until they were successful.  Having that kind of concentration for a whole period was incredible..........the kids enjoyed it as well!!!!!  Christopher was awesome! Can't wait to do it again next year........

Heather M.

Jefferson MS,                Oceanside, CA

Our DiaboloFest at Jefferson Middle School was wonderful! It truly is a program that is a win win for everyone - the PE teachers, the students and the jesters! This is a great opportunity that I recommend to any school, especially in our time of budgetary hardship. You will definitely have fun, your students will love it and you can earn free equipment!"

Tera C.

Norwood JHS,                           Sacramento, CA

Dear DiaboloFest Staff,

I’d like to take a moment to personally thank you for the Diabolo Fest presentation at Norwood Junior High.  Our jester, Alex, was very informative and helpful with his instruction with our students.  Not only was his instruction well done, his demonstration of skills was amazing!  One of the highlights of the day was to watch our students with special needs successfully use the Diabolo!  Several students have purchased the Diabolos for their own pleasure and all students were excited and engaged in the use of the Diabolos for the day.  Thanks so much for your outreach to our students.

With much appreciation,

Tera Carter

Sheryl R.

New Vista MS,                        Lancaster, CA

The DiaboloFest is one of our favorite days during the school year. Our students have enjoyed learning this lifetime sport for the past three years. Our students have fun with these Chinese Yo-yos! Not all students are good at basketball, volleyball and the more traditional sports. This sport gives them the chance to be successful at an alternative sport. Dave was knowledgeable, energetic, and made the day exciting for everyone!! We look forward to next year's festival....Thank You!!

Dee B.

Matilija JHS,                        Ojai, CA

DiaboloFest was the perfect way to return to school after Winter Break!  Jester Dave was a fantastic instructor, and the kids are very enthusiastic about learning the diabolo.  The best thing for the teachers was that it was an easy class, with no discipline problems. Please sign us up for next year!

Julie A.

Bell Intermediate, Garden Grove, CA

I just wanted to tell you what a great day we had yesterday. Patrick was an excellent teacher/performer for our group. He really worked well with the age group. I was so impressed by his enthusiasm, encouragement, and teaching skills. He was constantly walking around and instructing students throughout the day. I was initially worried that this would be a sales pitch, but that wasn't the case at all! Our students were so enthusiastic about the diabolos they were immediately asking where they could purchase one. We really want to thank you and Patrick for such a wonderful day. It was so exciting to see our students get inspired to move...

Todd T.

Coronado MS,                Coronado, CA

We have had the privilege of having Christian come to our school for the last 3 years. He is very professional, enthusiastic and works well with our middle school students. My students have learned so much just from one day of instruction. I would highly recommend having DiaboloFest come to your school. Diabolos are a great addition to any circus skills unit.


Our students loved the presentation!!  At one point, I whispered to Devin, our Jester, that our most challenging student was in the corner laughing and experimenting with the Diabolo!!  We haven't gotten him to do much in the way of participation for PE, but he enjoyed playing diabolo!!  I am shocked at the number of kids who ran home and then back to school on Friday to purchase one.  Thanks again, and our sales are brisk today, which is an accomplishment in itself considering many are challenged remembering to bring their PE clothes back :-)

 I wish you could drive by our school at lunch.  You see a mass of humanity and Diabolos flying randomly :-D

 Thanks again.

Mary H.

Lincoln MS,                Santa Monica, CA

Jester Games presented a DiaboloFest at Lincoln Middle School that exposed students to the fun they can have with the diabolo.  This program was useful in exposing students within our Circus Tricks Unit.  This program was just what we needed to provide students the exposure to new, innovative ways to participate in movement.  Christopher, the presenter, was engaging, connecting well with students, and made the day fun for every student.  I'm looking forward to having them back next year!


Toby Johnson MS,  Elk Grove, CA

What a fun day!  Alex, the jester, was professional and entertaining.  He came fully prepared with everything he needed including 50 diabolos for the students to play with.  They loved it and sales went great.

Cecilia B.

Talbert MS, Huntington Beach, CA


This was Talbert Middle School's first time with DiaboloFest by Jester Games. The assembly was awesome! We had each PE period attend the assembly with "Patrick The Great", juggler and all around fun guy. The students had a blast, they wanted more. We sold out of 2 boxes quickly and still had students wanting to buy more! Our recess and lunch breaks have students with their diabolos practicing amazing tricks and learning from each other. We had our own DiaboloFest at lunch time with music and grade level competitions. Each grade level winner received a free diabolo handbook for more tricks.

Cecilia B.

Talbert MS,                Huntington Beach, CA

Thank you, thank you for spreading the joy of play to kids! If your school has not tried this assembly give it a'll be amazed. The last time I saw interest in a toy like this was the YoYo craze, which was 10 years ago. FUN, FUN, FUN!

Kristen O.

Don Juan Avila MS,                         Aliso Viejo, CA

It was crazy here today….they want more but we just don’t know how many…..
We sold 108 diabolos + 8 books during one 35 minute lunch! (and earned free equipment!)
How about them apples? Is that a new record?

Sheila B.

Marine View MS,                Huntington Beach, CA

This was the first year our school had the Diabolofest come and present their product to our student body. Patrick did a lesson/presentation to each PE class and allowed the students to actually use the diabolo yo-yos. The students were hooked from the start! Working in pairs they followed Patrick's easy 4 step process and were able to maneuver the yo-yos within a few minutes. As teachers, we appreciated how well Patrick handled the presentation, kept it short and to the point, and then allowed the students to get out there and participate. He was organized and well informed.

Sheila B.

Marine View MS,                Huntington Beach, CA

The best part was that this was all free to our school. All we needed to do, was to have the diabolos available for the students to purchase for approximately a week following the assembly. Within 3 days we had orders for 200 and had to request more boxes!! The kids loved them and are still bringing them to school to use at recess and lunch. I would highly recommend this program to schools looking to supplement their circus unit in PE. In addition, Jester Games donated 6 diabolos to our program for every box we sold!  An easy and productive way to add equipment to your program at no cost to the school.

Thank you Jester Games for a fun, informative and interactive program.

Janell J.

Rancho del Rey MS,                       Chula Vista, CA

Rancho del Rey never misses a year introducing our 7th graders to a fun Diabolofest. Christian is an artist and an entertainer, involving up to 120 students per period in the art of the diabolo. Teachers and students enjoy, not only the diabolofest, but the skills learned and practiced all year.


Corona del Mar MS, Newport Beach, CA

A Great Day!
Once again, our day with Christian was OUTSTANDING!! The new 7th graders were amazed with this activity for the first time, and the 8th graders came back this year for more!  My 7th graders can't wait for me to bring the class set out on Thursday to do some Diabolo relay races.
Thank you again!
The DiaboloFest is definitely on my lesson plan every year! 

Elisabeth G.

Hill Classical MS,                        Long Beach, CA

I'm a 6th grade teacher and I thought Dave was awesome! The kids loved him and the other teachers thought he was great & funny! The kids enjoyed the activity and we have sold a lot of diabolos, earning equipment.

Dana D.

Yorba MS,                Orange, CA

DiaboloFest at Yorba Middle is something we look foward to every year. Our students love the Diabolo unit and are engaged and work hard at mastering this skill as part of our juggling unit. We sell lots of Diabolos (which earns our dept. diabolo equipment) and the students are allowed to bring them to school and play during lunch and nutrition.
We love Diabolos!


Borel MS,                San Mateo, CA

Our students at Borel Middle School loved DiaboloFest!  Most students had never heard of a Diabolo before, and by the end of the day, every student wanted a Diabolo.  The instructor you sent [Devin Holt] was very entertaining, and worked very well with the kids.  We would love to have DiaboloFest back at Borel again!

Cathie S.

Los Cerritos MS,                        Thousand Oaks, CA

Please let Dave know that he did a wonderful job with the kids.  His presentation was great and he really kept the kids interested!  Believe me, that is not an easy task at the middle school level!

Stephanie S.

Davidson MS,                           San Rafael, CA

The DiaboloFest was fantastic!  Devin was great!  The students were real engaged.  Well done!

Jerry S.   

Silverado MS,                        Napa, CA

I never heard of DiaboloFest, but we scheduled them to come in to teach the kids and it went great! They taught EVERY period how for about 8-10 minutes, then let the kids try them out for 20 minutes and then finished it off with a 5 minute demo of super-duper tricks. We had zero problems and over the next two weeks sold over 100 diabolos out of 750 kids!  It is a good alternative type of activity that hooked some of those kids who just aren’t that interested in most traditional PE activities.  

Check it out!

Jenni J.

Oxford Academy,                Cypress, CA

Our DiaboloFest went well!!!  Patrick did a FANTASTIC job demonstrating and helping students with their Diabolo skills.  His humor and instruction were perfect for our students!!!!  I am pleased with how the event turned out and would recommend you to all the Jr. Highs in our district!!!!!

Sandy Y.

Madison MS,                North Hollywood, CA

Thank you for fitting Madison Middle School into your busy schedule!  We love having Christian spend the day with our students.  The diabolo fits perfectly into our 6th grade hand-eye coordination unit.  The demonstration provides the 6th graders with great motivation and Christian's easy-going personality allows him to easily interact with the students as they concentrate on the new skills.  We look forward to your yearly guest visits to our school.  The students and I really appreciate your time and effort!

Donna M.

Cesar Chavez MS,                Oceanside, CA

Our experience with Patrick from Jester Games was AWESOME! He was so enthusiastic and the kids loved his sense of humor. It was a hot day, but the students loved the activity. We included all 6th and 7th graders. The biggest class was over 100 students. Patrick had the kids attention the entire time and the kids were well behaved. Mr. Armann and myself supervised and kept the kids on track. We all had a great day!

Corina H.

Corona del Mar MS, Newport Beach, CA

Diabolofest was AMAZING! The students of CDM could not stop talking about it for weeks! We can't wait to have Christian back this upcoming school year he really inspired our students to think outside of the box! 

Matt A.

Centennial MS,            Boulder, CO

The DiaboloFest was a great success. Your product is cool, but most of the success is due to Reid, who is a great teacher and performer.

Angie H.

Isbell MS,            Santa Paula, CA

Our kids love working with the diabolos. Patrick does a great job getting the kids interested and active quickly. The presentation at the end got them motivated to continue practicing. Patrick is very easy to work with, has great patience and even put on a show during nutrition. Great teacher and performer.